Energy Innovation Zones (EIZs) are designed to stimulate clean energy innovation to drive productivity, exports and growth. Unlike existing approaches, they will work not only to demonstrate new technologies, but also to turn them into fully commercial propositions.

Illustration of UK Tysley Energy Innovation Zone
Illustration of Tysley Energy Innovation Zone

EIZs are the missing link in the UK innovation eco-system for energy. We have small-scale technology demonstrators and we have competitive national market structures, but we lack a supportive space in which to prove and deploy new integrated approaches at scale.

The main focus of these EIZs will be to integrate proven low-carbon technologies across energy systems; develop the business models and market arrangements needed to support new approaches to clean energy; and overcome the regulatory and other barriers necessary for them to flourish. The benefits will include reduced emissions, bills and fuel poverty, and increased investment, exports and jobs. By taking a local approach to clean energy and productivity, EIZs will integrate the aims of the Industrial Strategy and Clean Growth Strategy with the government’s devolution agenda.

EIZs across the West Midlands