By 2026, more than half the cars sold in the UK are likely to be electric or hybrid vehicles . This means that the high density car parks at our stations, hotels, offices and airports will suddenly become MW scale battery storage parks, creating both massive challenges for the electricity networks and new commercial opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Net-Form is a pilot project to develop a mobile web application and secure data platform to manage massed parked hybrid and electric vehicles and optimise their value to both network operator and car owner.

Led in the West Midlands by Encraft, an initial 12 month feasibility study is exploring the application of Net-Form to the new HS2 interchange station in Solihull (UKCentral). Project partners are Aston University, Cenex, Costain and Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, and the study is part-funded by Innovate UK.

Net-Form controls charging and discharging of EV batteries and uses blockchain technology to ensure car drivers are rewarded for grid services provided. It communicates with the electricity markets and holds data on weather and driver movements to ensure vehicles are fully-charged while minimising stress on the wider energy system.

Applications of Net-Form range from large scale car parks like UKCentral through to car parks in business parks and large employment sites. The technologies and services developed through this project have potential global application.

Net-Form delivers smart benefits to everyone:

  • EV drivers – By lowering parking charges in exchange for use of their batteries for grid services.
  • Energy System Operators (and customers) – By reducing the need for system reinforcement and investment.
  • Car park operators – By leading to greater occupancy of their sites.

For more details about this exciting investment opportunity, please contact Linda Forbes at Encraft on (01926) 312159 or