Energy Capital together with the University of Birmingham and the Energy Systems Catapult have unveiled a policy commission report making the case for the creation of Energy Innovation Zones (EIZs) in the West Midlands. The commission, which was chaired by Sir David King, calls for four pilot energy hubs to be located in Central Birmingham and Tyseley, UK Central in Solihull, the Black Country and Coventry and Warwickshire.

The report states the main focus of the EIZs will be to integrate low carbon technologies, to develop the business models and infrastructure needed to support new approaches to clean energy as well as overcome the regulatory barriers necessary for them to flourish. They will be designed to stimulate local clean energy innovation and drive productivity within the region, exports and growth.

The EIZs aim to demonstrate new technologies, and to turn them into fully commercial propositions, breeding regional markets and supply chains that provide a platform for exports and growth. They will also offer a controlled environment in which innovators of all types can trial new services, technologies and business models.

They will also generate faster progress in the areas of energy that urgently need attention, such as transport and heat, where emissions have risen over the past few years.

To find out about the opportunities and benefits these EIZs can bring to the region please download a copy of the report:

Front cover image of Energy Capital Policy Commission. Powering West Midlands Growth: A Regional Approach to Clean Energy Innovation
Powering West Midlands Growth – A regional approach to clean energy innovation (PDF)

Editorial services to the Policy Commission were provided by David Strahan at write first draft: