Regional Energy System Operator

The Energy Capital partnership is leading on a £2.63 million landmark project. This will develop a detailed design for a new local energy system for the city of Coventry which can be replicated in East Birmingham/North Solihull and beyond.

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Energy Capital Climate-KIC ‘Accelerator’ Grants programme

The Energy Capital partnership and Climate-KIC are seeking highly motivated and committed entrepreneurs to join the Energy Capital Climate-KIC Accelerator start-up programme in Birmingham and the West Midlands. We are looking for teams and companies with a breakthrough business idea and a potentially significant impact on climate mitigation and / or adaptation. If you have that brilliant climate-change breakthrough, but aren’t sure yet how to transform your passion into a commercially viable business – we can help. We can help you formulate your business plan, connect you to the right experts, develop your entrepreneurial skills and fund your business through its early stages. This will provide you with the tools, opportunities and network to transform your ideas into commercial success.

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Energy Capital Climate-KIC ‘Greenhouse’ Grants programme

Entrepreneurial thinking needs to be fostered, that is why we  have created the Energy Capital Climate-KIC ‘Greenhouse’ Grants programme. The programme offers up to €2,500 in funding – for starting entrepreneurs who have a climate business idea and the motivation to make it happen.  We will support students and young professionals in the design of business models that test the commercial viability for their idea around climate mitigation and/or adaptation

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A Regional Energy Strategy for the West Midlands

Energy Capital, the three Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) formally launched the regional energy strategy for the West Midlands on 28 March. This consolidates a wide range of work carried out by the Regional Energy Policy Commission, Arup, Aecom and the Black Country LEP for the WMCA and sets out how the region plans to invest over £500M to direct more than £15bn of wider investment in local energy projects over the next decade, delivering a minimum of £1bn improvement in GVA for the local economy.

A Regional Energy Strategy for the West Midlands – Final Consultation

The strategy is open for consultation until 21 May 2018. If you’d like to respond to this consultation, please email

Regional Energy Policy Commission

In 2017 our commission set out to establish the best ways for the West Midlands to take advantage of the growing economic opportunities generated by the energy sector worldwide. Chaired by Sir David King, this panel of expert commissioners from industry, government, academia and policy have been working collaboratively to identify ways to boost regional competitiveness through the creation of an innovative regional energy market framework.

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Tyseley Energy Park

The Tyseley Environmental Enterprise District will be a clean technology hub for the city of Birmingham. With a long history of industry in this area, the remaining businesses seek new and innovative energy supplies in order to help the remaining firms stay competitive. It is against that backdrop of transforming industrial competitiveness that the vision has been conceived. The site will become a crucible for research and learning, with new laboratories, educational facilities and, a research and development centre planned on phase four, within a landmark building with exemplar energy performance.

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Energy Capital Workstreams

Energy Capital has two complimentary objectives:

  1. To ensure the vibrant and growing economy of the West Midlands is supported by a competitive, flexible and secure modern energy system providing low cost, clean and efficient power to its industries and people.
  2. To make the West Midlands the most attractive location to develop and build an innovative, smart energy technology company in the world.

The Energy Capital Steering Group will direct five facilitating work streams, if you would like to contribute to any of these areas, please email 

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Innovative Retrofit in Solihull Combats Fuel Poverty

A group of Solihull residents have reduced their energy bills by 85 percent and dramatically cut their carbon emissions, thanks to an exciting project developed and led by Encraft. The £625,000 Innovate UK funded trial involved upgrading a block of six flats using Passivhaus principles, by way of an innovative off-site, wrap-around, large scale (OWLS) retrofit.

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West Midlands at the Forefront of Battery Storage Testing

Battery storage facilities are one of the key components of new, smart energy systems. They not only offer facilities to house electricity for periods of peak demand, they may also make it easier to connect renewable energy sources to the grid, free up network capacity, and keep down electricity prices.

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Net-Form: The Smart Way to Park

By 2026, more than half the cars sold in the UK are likely to be electric or hybrid vehicles . This means that the high density car parks at our stations, hotels, offices and airports will suddenly become MW scale battery storage parks, creating both massive challenges for the electricity networks and new commercial opportunities for entrepreneurs. Net-Form is a pilot project to develop a mobile web application and secure data platform to manage massed parked hybrid and electric vehicles and optimise their value to both network operator and car owner.

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Wolverhampton Schools Provide a Clean, Comfortable Learning Environment

Forward thinking City of Wolverhampton Council have improved the health and concentration levels of pupils, whilst saving two of their schools money, by ensuring the city was one of the first to offer its children the opportunity to learn in Passivhaus schools. Oakmeadow and Bushbury Hill primary schools have been reaping the rewards associated with the ‘gold standard in human comfort’ ever since.

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